December 2018

Post-grad life isn't easy.

I think most of the time, you're trying to cope. You don't know what you're doing. You don't know if what you're doing is what you should be doing. I spent a day with my friend Josh and talked a bit about this frustrating period of life.

I shot, edited and recorded this quick video. View it on my IGTV or Instagram. @wonseungii

Sometimes, you just have to keep doing things. You'll look back one day and see how it all turned out.

On a spur of spontaneity, I went on a road trip with three friends to Portland, Maine. There was no real meaning behind it besides perhaps to escape the city and spend some time away from responsibility. But looking back, I think it raised a lot of questions for me.

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I had just recently graduated in May and spent my whole life finding categories that I could place myself in like my major, extracurricular clubs, or organizations. With an end to another large chapter of my life, I found myself again trying to shed these labels or categories to feel myself in my own skin. In a way, this trip was just that: a rebellious “screw it” to conventionality like finding a job to settle in right away.

At the same time, the trip provided a challenge for me to document and create something that I could carry out after I would return. Without an idea nor concept, I simply pressed record with the trust that whatever came out would genuinely portray the time my friends and I had together on this getaway.

By the end of this journey, I had come back with four videos, a satisfied hunger for lobster, and the realization that: though chapters of your life may seem to begin and end, your journey never really does stop because you always are evolving and moving, like one long road trip.

Open Desk

May 2018

A person's space can define so much about a person. I wonder if I could show the character of someone by simply photographing their space.

I wrote about it here on my Medium page

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October 2016

I love coffee so much that I decided to ask other people how much they loved coffee!

I also wrote about it here on my Medium page